The player has 4 inventory spots 1 for primary 1 for pistol 1 for melee and 1 more for grenades.The players inventory can also be change around at Survivor Base's.


You may have fond memories of standing around on a roof shooting infected who have been funelled into a doorway.Well that doesnt exist here anymore.All areas,in Single and Multiplayer are big and open (Single-players is especially huge).Infected will flank your position and hit you hard when you aren't expecting it,in single-player your team's Stress Level is displayed underneath the health,the higher it gets will have varying effects,on easier difficulty levels,higher stress levels means infected will not be as vicious.On harder difficultys,infected will take advantage of a player with a high stress level (The strss level is determined by many factors,like how frantically they are pressing buttons),meaning that if the stress level is high they will deploy more powerful infected and large waves.

You also have to find food and water to survive in the African continent,as well as sleep regularly.Not finding food will eventually cripple the player,lowering their health and aiming skills.Not finding water has the same effect.Not sleeping decreases accuracy and running speed.These effects can be tempoarily bumped off by using an Adrenaline Injector.


Combat in this game is a bit......diffrent.Your instincts are your best friend, just because a horde is coming after you doesn't mean the Director wont send another horde to hit you from behind or a Tank or Jockey to split you up.When in Towns the fights get quite interesting,you will have to fight through buildings and across rooftops.Rooftop battles are one of the games high points of action,at higher levels you will have to jump between buildings and wrecks and across makeshift bridges,all while fighting off the horde.One mission involves James having to parkour acorss a bunch of cars that have been launched up into the air to tke out a helicopter.

On the topic of destruction,buildings realistically take damage and burn down,one minute your life will depend on you having to collapse a building on an in coming horde or set fire to a building to escape.