The Hellfire Grenade is a grenade that is twice as powerful as a Inferno Grenade.On WImpish this is overkill


The process of a hellfire grenaade is simple.It has two vents attached to each side,before exploding it releases a powerful gas that burns anything nearby.When it explodes it sends fire,death and toxic acid all over the place.To buildings,this is the apocalypse.The only thing more powerful than this is the Apocalypse Grenade,which is overkill even on Freakin' Insane.

Fire Molotov / Incendiary Grenade / Inferno Grenade /Hellfire Grenade / Apocalypse Grenade
Normal Frag Grenade / Stun Grenade / Pipe Bomb / Fused Grenade
Support Bile Bomb / Smoker Bomb / Flash Grenade / Vortex Grenade / Blackhole Grenade

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