Nuclear Catapult
Weapon Type Unlockable weapon
Capacity 1
Carry Capacity 10
Damage Per Shot 5000
Damage Per Second 500 inside the blast radius
Damage Per Magazine Depends on where a zombie is inside the blast
Total Damage Usually around 5,500

The Nuclear Catapult is an extremely powerful weapon, able to kill most zombies in one shot. Ammo is very scarce.

Use Edit

The Nuclear Catapult is meant to be used mostly by Frank, as it is a very heavy weapon. Upon use, it fires a small bomb which contains miniscule amounts of uranium, enough to create a large blast that dwarfs the RPG Launcher's.

Location Edit

Unlocked at Survivor Base Armory, after 100% completion of the game. Costs nothing.

Main Weapons
Tier 1 Submachine Gun / Pump Shotgun / Homemade Hunting Rifle / Grenade Launcher
Tier 2 Assault Rifle / Auto Shotgun / Hunting rifle / Flamethrower
Tier 3 Light Machine Gun / Heavy Attack Shotgun / Dragunov SVD / Missile Launcher
Tier 4 Portable Minigun / Quadruple Barrel Shotgun / 50.Cal Sniper Rifle / RPG Launcher
Secondary Weapons
Sidearms Basic Pistol / USP Pistol / .44 Magnum / Desert Eagle
Melee Weapons Baseball Bat / Fire-Axe / Katana / Chainsaw / Crowbar
Unlockable Weapons Laser Rifle / Laser Launcher / Rail Driver / Mega Barrel Shotgun / .500 Magnum / Lightsaber / Nuclear Catapult
Gag Weapons Rubber Hammer / Cork Gun / Toy Sword

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