SomaHara Volcano is the place where Doctor Comaher lives.HADES is fought here.


The TipEdit

The veyr tip of the volcano, you can push people into the lava from here.Contains a small Rappelling camp for use during the games Finale.

The first LevelEdit

Overrun with Infected and ruins, many people have met their end here.Small Armoury and MEdical room can be found, but are mostly empty.

The Second LevelEdit

Little infected reside here, as it is proected by some ARES Assault Mech's and Automated turrets.Very little loot, but killing the ARES can yield some ammo.The FIve dog room can be accessed through a hidden door in the South West of this level.

The Third LevelEdit

The CEDA Mercenary's that tried to kill Doctor Comaher are still trapped here, fighting off Advanced Infected.Killing the Merc's yields Medkits, the occaisonal Adrenaline Injector and lots of ammo.

The fourth LevelEdit

Doctor Comaher's lab is located here, and as such the Advanced Infected are everywhere.Contains an armoury and well-stocked med-room.Your final chance to stock up before the HADES battle.

The fifth LevelEdit

The very base of the volcano, containing a Helicopter and extensive ruins as well as the Prototype Partical Rifle.The battle between HADES is fought here in the games Finale.INaccesible after finishing the game.