The Beginning is the starting mission in the Left 4 Dead Eleventy Plot

Mission StartEdit

This mission is automatically started when you begin Single-Player.


Review Team RosterEdit

This is the Character Select objective,simply go over to the Mission Screen near the crew Quarters,you are given the choice of Frank,Linda,Daniel or James to play as.

Fine-Tune EquipmentEdit

You are given a Basic Pistol.Go to the firing range and hit the marked targets.You are then given a Pump-Action Shotgun.Once again,hit the targets.Then,you are given a Hunting Rifle.SHoot targets.You are then given an Assault Rifle.Yeah,you know the drill

Prepare to DropEdit

Go to the medic bay,get a Medkit and an Adrenaline Injector.Next,head to the armoury to collect ammo and have repairs performed on your Pistol.Once your done,head to the cargo bay of the plane and enjoy the cutscene,which leads to Starting out Fresh.

Chapter 1 The Beginning / Starting out Fresh / First Encounter / The Tribals / Total Madness!!! / Relief / Assisstance / Ambush! / The "Thing" / Holy Mother of Five Dog!