The Crawler is a new infected in Left 4 Dead Eleventy.

Extent of MutationsEdit

It's mutations are similair to the Hunter's mutations but they have some key differences:It can only run if it uses only 2 legs,it can't pin survivors,it's arms are longer and stronger and it can't jump as far but can jump higher. It also doesn't requier him to crouch. Instead it can only pounce if it's on 2 legs. It's mutations also gave him larger claws for dong more swipe damage. Overall it's a step up from the Hunter. It also has much bigger shoulders. And with much bigger we can speak of bigger then the shoulders of almost all infected,except for the final bosses and the Tank's.


It's ability is to run on 2 legs and grab a survivor and then pounce and let go of the surivor,letting it take fall damage. It can do this ability without grabbing the survivor,meaning it can be used a s a way of escaping after a failure. This way would be very effective as it would make him really far away,even to the point a sniper must be used to take him out.


It has a gasmask covering his face,meaning nobody knows how his face looks. One of the glasses,however,is ripped of along with a small part of the gasmask. This means you can see one of his eyes and some of the skin. Well...let's just say what's left over from the skin,it's eyes is completely blue,including the part that's supposed to be white and the pupil. It wears a tactical vest,meaning it sometimes drops goodies upon death(there's about 39,5% chance of this),camouflaged pants,black combat boots and no helmet. Because it has no helmet you can see his hair,which is short(almost no hair)and brown. It also has long strong arms and big hands and claws.


  • Based on the attire,the Crawler must once have been a soldier. There's nothing that can disprove it. This would make sense as there are soldiers coming along on your path through Somahara Island.
  • It is described by Frank Matador as a "Hunter gone wrong", this is the only accuracte description of it during the whole game.Other descriptions of it are "Freak", "Infected Crazy" and "Demented Ninja Mother-Fucker".
  • It's gasmask is modelled after the Israeli Civil Gasmask

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