The Juggernaut is a cross between Tank and a Smackdown,it is around 9 foot tall and is very powerful.


During The Juggernaut boss battle the player will have to fight of hordes of infected while avoiding The Juggernaut,it is advised to keep moving through the rooftops and let Frank stay behind,he doesnt get sent flying by The Juggernaut's attacks and can distract it.It is advised to have Daniel and Linda keep off the infected while James jumps between rooftops and lowers Makeshift Bridge's to help the team move.After taking a significant amount of damage,the juggernaut begins to go beserk,and will attack anything nearby,which is helpful and un-helpful,if ahorde arrives the juggernaut will fight them,but if nothing is around The Juggernaut will charge the players.The squad should still keep moving through the Roof-Maze until they reach the end,where the juggernaut will begin a Nemesis style slow-walk towards the team,where they have 30 seconds to lay as much fireower as they can into The Juggernaut,if they succeedThe Juggernaut falls,if they fail,they get seriously damaged and have to start all over again.


  • The Juggernaut's boss theme is Swipe of the Sword,the theme in the Credo boss battle of Devil May Cry 4.

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