The Lobber is a special infected with a twist.It's an Infected who rather wants to keep it quiet,rather then openly attacking the survivors.

Overview Edit

The Lobber is a medium sized special infected but still quite a bit larger then the biggest survivors. It has big claws and strong arms. It's main ability is too throw slime (which is all over his body) to the survivors. This slime slows a survivor down for 2 seconds.the recharge time is a simple split second. It also has a swipe attack which does 'bout 15 damage but it has low health and isn't as fast as say a Hunter or similiar.

It has long legs and a bottom jawless face,big shoulders and a short to no neck. It has hair on his hands and has blood red slime all over his body. It's feet aren't very human like and look like hands. Overall it looks like a chimp. But then with slime all over his body,walking on 2 legs,slime all over his body and looking like it came out off a sewer.

The Reason for the jawless face is due to the slime,which somewhat melted away at the Lobber's face,even though the slime doesn't seem to hurt the survivors. It's Long Legs were added to distinguish it from a crowd of infected.

Virus Edit

The virus that creates the Lobber is in fact a crossbreed between the Comaher virus and the Infection,combined with certain genes of chimps. The virus makes it's host's sweat alter the thickness to that of glue. The virus alters it's host's mentallity to that of other Infected and,as usual,makes the host have claws and bigger strenght.

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